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by ImagiNATION Volleyball on October 3, 2012

Here’s the deal…teenage girls will buy anything. Let me rephrase that. Their parents will buy them anything if they ask enough. More specifically? Tournament t-shirts. To be fair, I have a queen sized quilt made out of my senior year tournament, warm-up, and championship t-shirts.  And I love it. But let’s look into getting a little more for your money.

It just seems to me like the design on the t-shirt falls secondary to the meaning of the shirt in general. “Oh I have to get a (fill in the blank with an awesome tournament) shirt, mom.” It doesn’t matter what that shirt looks like, it only matters what it signifies. In the end, we all end up with a ton of t-shirts we never actually wear.  Think I’m full of it?

Google Volleyball T-shirts. Do it. I dare you.


We aren’t trying to change the mindset of our consumers whatsoever. Instead, we want to give them more options. Better options. Not only are you going to get an AWESOME championship t-shirt after kicking everybody else’ butts, but you’re actually going to wear it. Every day. For the rest of your life. Like me and my favorite NEQ shirt

We like that concept – a lot!! We thought the volleyball community might too.

We are so excited to offer better designs, creative designs, and personal ideas to teams and organizations across the country. Our art director? One of a kind! She has been out conquering the artistic world but has taken a break to help us out. You have probably heard of her. She’s a big deal.

Anyway, we look forward to taking on the world of volleyball, logos, and other awesome gear one t-shirt at a time. Please check out the site, read a little about us and let us know what your team needs this season. We can’t wait to help you out!


Talk soon!!

-ImagiNation Volleyball

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